epoc® Reader and epoc® Host2

Improve outcomes with the hand-held epoc® Reader and epoc® Host2 Mobile Computer (running epoc® Host software)

These two separate devices communicate bi-directionally via Bluetooth®Contact your Alere sales representative to learn how the epoc® Blood Analysis System can benefit you clinically, financially and operationally.


The epoc Reader

The epoc® Host2 Mobile Computer:

  • Runs the customizable epoc Host Software and is the caregiver’s interface to the system
  • Customizable reference and critical ranges
  • Electronic documentation of test results, patient information and respiratory parameters
  • Incorporates operator, patient, and quality control lockouts
  • Seamlessly connects and communicates bi-directionally through a facility’s existing wireless network using Wi-Fi
The epoc Host2 Mobile Computer

The epoc® Reader:

  • Auto-calibrates the epoc® Test Card prior to sample introduction
  • Communicates bi-directionally with the epoc Host2 via Bluetooth®
  • Fully portable; AC/rechargeable battery
  • Serves as a charging base for the epoc®HostMobile Computer
  • Auto-scans the Test Card barcode to document lot # and confirm the card is within expiration