Rapid Turnaround

The epoc® System allows caregivers to obtain patient test results in about 30 seconds at the patient’s bedside.

After introducing a patient sample, the epoc® System not only delivers results in about 30 seconds at the bedside but also allows immediate, wireless communication of those results to the EMR / LIS / HIS for review by the entire patient care team.  Rapid, wireless delivery of test results enable clinicians to make more informed decisions, faster, allowing for accelerated initiation of therapy, which may lead to more positive outcomes for the patient.

Performing testing at the point of care with the epoc® System streamlines the entire testing process, eliminating unnecessary steps and delays, while assuring that the critical test results received are also immediately transmitted to the EMR/LIS/HIS.  

epoc System

Find out how you can streamline your BGEM testing process with the epoc® Blood Analysis System.